Hot computers on Amazon: HP 2020 laptop 7RP94UA 4GB DDR4

HP has a flaw that lists this as an I3 yet it is an I5 and is latest Ice Lake with significantly better graphics than previous generations. At the 10nm circuit size I have to assume that it creates less heat, uses less energy, and will throttle itself less (due to laptop heat challenges). Yes, that’s right, if you buy an I7 super powered laptop, there is a good chance it is throttling itself due to heat before it really can give you what you paid for. Some limits to the laptop: 1. It’s not a hardcore gaming thing – graphics aren’t that strong — though some games will play. 2. It’s not touchscreen 3. the screen does not go 360, just back to standard laptop angle. I found this $100 to $150 underpriced when I did my comparisons.

So many reviews yet no one talked about how big of a pain it is to open the laptop in order to upgrade the ram?

It even took me twice as long to install a SINGLE stick of ram due to one of the metal latches being really stiff.

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Anyway the biggest con is that you cant even add a HDD nor either an ssd due to missing connections and the back piece is reinforced with metal to prevent you to even add a secondary storage. (See pictures)

You get what you paid for. Costco had a sale for under $300 reason why theres a $50 markup on these. Even then its probably worth it. Wont find a laptop with these 10th gen i5, ips screen, backlight keyboard for under $600. Total I spent is $450 including 16gb ram and the adapter I had to buy inorder to add another storage. Now I gotta cut these metal pieces that stick out in the HDD backplate somehow.

Heres some helpfull tips removing the back. There are hidden screws under the rubber bumps. Use a plastic card or guitar pick and force it in the line between the black and grey area of the laptop.
The black part should pop up a bit then you just go around little by little. Took awhile but It came off! I ruined my expired credit card but no biggie. Remember to touch metal or wear an anti static band before working with electronics!

Other thoughts:
I am planning on adding new MX4 thermal paste to the heatsink since I heard theres issues with the fan being loud. I also heard theres a whistling sound but I haven’t turn on my laptop yet. I’ll update once my hdd adapter arrives.

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