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I believe that as an old brand of game equipment, Logitech’s name will not be unfamiliar to everyone. The Logitech G633 gaming headset has been called the Logitech G-series wired flagship for many years. It has been widely praised by players for its cool design, rich features, super practicality and cost performance. Recently, an upgraded version of the Logitech G633s gaming headset was launched. Let us take a look at the highlights of this newly launched Logitech gaming headset!


First of all, in the hands, the Logitech G633s gaming headset gives a very stable feeling. The packaging box adopts a blue-gray color design as a low-key and connotative design. The side shows the product in a concise and concise manner. Some functions, introduced the characteristics and parameters of the headset.

After opening, the box’s internal accessories mainly include the headphone body, USB cable and headphone cable, as well as the warranty card and Chinese and English bilingual instructions to make some simple connection instructions to ensure that users can use them normally. The appearance and design of Logitech G633s is very technological. It adopts pure black color matching. The earphones are matte and mirror-finished on the surface of the material. The feel is first-class, and the lines of the fuselage body are very smooth. It gives a visually elegant appearance.

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Logitech G633s is also equipped with a breathing light bar outside the headphone box, and the colorful light flowing in the fuselage is very cool when playing games. The colorful light bar, whether it is following the jump of drums when listening to music or following the gradual change of the game scene when playing games, is very highlighting personality and fashion, and bringing it when it is black can definitely become the focus of everyone’s envy.

Both the left and right ears of Logitech G633s gaming headset can be rotated horizontally. It can be folded to save space when carried out, and it is also quite convenient and beautiful when hanging on the neck.

The left ear bag has three key function areas:

Part 1: Multi-platform compatible one-touch switch button

Logitech G633s supports connecting PC and mobile phone through USB and 3.5mm audio cable at the same time. When you play PC games, you do not need to pause the game when making a phone call.

Part II: Three programmable buttons

Logitech G633s is designed with three programmable buttons that can be connected to Logitech’s software to set audio control functions or in-game instructions, and can set up one-button multiple strokes for three different games, which is very convenient for game parties to use.

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Part III: Thread Connection Interface

Logitech G633s microphone, all interfaces, and control keys are designed on the left side, and directly below are the USB connector and 3.5mm connector. The headset can be used with a PC or Mac through a USB DAC or a 3.5mm cable. It also supports connection to game consoles such as PS4 \ XBOX ONE \ NS through a 3.5mm cable.

On the microphone, Logitech G633s updated 6mm folding mute microphone. The noise reduction effect of this 6mm noise reduction microphone can eliminate noise interference and allow game partners to hear clear sound. The most important thing is to support quick mute by folding the microphone rod, which is very convenient and fast.

Wearing feeling

Logitech G633s uses an integrated head beam design. The mesh material is breathable and soft and can protect the head well. Comfortable and stress-free, great cushioning effect.

There is a logo on the connection between the head beam and the ear bag, and the small details on the inside have been designed with a sense of science and technology. The extension of the extended head beam has 13 full adjustments. 4.5cm.

The ear bag adopts a fabric mixed mesh design, which can reduce the external distortion of the sound during the transmission process. With the larger Pro G50mm driver unit, it can provide a fuller and clearer soundscape and more powerful bass.

Sound quality

Logitech G633s uses a new 50mm Pro-G drive unit that supports DTSHeadphone: X v2.0 surround sound. With a newly designed head tracking and audio renderer, it supports multi-channel surround sound and distance perception, bringing accurate audio positioning experience, allowing you to be immersive when watching movies, playing games is to identify the sound, and let the indoor Audiovisual and games have truly become a treat. Closing the dual track and opening the multitrack is like opening the door to a new world, being hit by waves of sound.

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After Logitech launched the LIGHTSYNC lighting system, Logitech G633s also supported the LIGHTSYNC printing logo on the package through an update. You can use Logitech’s official software to set about 16.8 million colors to match different equipment and room styles to show different personalities. You can even respond to in-game action, audio, and screen color lights. If you are still not satisfied with the level of the god, you can still Program your own lighting effects with Logitech G HUB software.

Choose your favorite sound effects, watch movies, listen to songs and play games to meet a variety of different needs. Set your own game macros and your favorite system settings to make this headset more personal. The private user experience is detailed and rich.

Whether you want to reduce noise or surround sound, setting is just a click away.

Independently configure a custom equalizer, take you to play with the headset, and various parameters are free to be adjusted.

to sum up

Overall, the biggest highlight and selling point of Logitech G633s gaming headsets is still DTS sound. In this era of gaming headsets flooding, the superior products that can really stay in the hearts of players must have outstanding performance. Most middle- and high-end headsets are expensive and complicated. This is because most headset manufacturers still adhere to the “stacking functions and raising prices” mentality, and ultimately they will not really enter the user’s psychology. The functions can be more complex than Logitech’s general simplification. Really doing one of the most important things for headphones is sound effects. The biggest use of headphones is to let us listen to the beauty of this world. When you wear the Logitech G633s and feel the wonderful sound from this world, you will know why Logitech has stood up for so many years. This is really a pleasure. A gaming headset worth buying.

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