Hot 10.1-inch laptop on Amazon: ASUS T100HA-C4-GR 10.1-inch review

Received the goods just today, leaving the factory in January 2016. Overall satisfaction. However, the Chinese language pack failed to install properly multiple times. According to the ASUS customer service instructions, the system was restored, but the installation still failed. After the language pack is downloaded and installed, it will flash back at about 2/3 of the progress bar for a few seconds. However, the traditional Chinese language pack was first used temporarily.
It has been started for a few days. The computer works very well, but there is a recess of about two millimeters on the side. The top right corner of the keyboard touchpad is recessed. There is no light leakage on the screen. The wide edge is also very comfortable to hold. . In terms of performance, weekday office games and entertainment are no problem, and the general operation will not heat up. The standby time is not as long as on the advertisement, but it is also very long. The English operation is not difficult, so it is not replaced by the Chinese system; the keyboard sometimes fails. It can be resolved by installing it again and again, with little impact. High cost-effective machine, it is recommended to start.
The thing is good, that is, the TF card slot design is really bad, and it is exposed to the outside, which often leads to accidental touching, which causes the TF card to pop up. If you are not careful outside, you will lose it. Hope to improve, or any remedial measures.
Special evaluation after three days of use

  1. Appearance design and screen: Appearance looks better, especially the keyboard. It’s just that the screen border is too wide, which is said to fit the size of the keyboard and to prevent falling. The screen is small and the resolution is low, which is said to save power. At the same time, the font is very small (about half the size of a green bean), and friends with bad eyes should not buy it, especially those who intend to buy it for the elderly.
  2. Workmanship: It is more delicate. Although many buyers report light leakage, I don’t seem to find it. The lower left and upper right corners of the screen are brighter relative to other places, possibly due to imperfections in detail. I think the best work is the charger, followed by the keyboard.
  3. Endurance and cooling: Judging from the current situation, it is not a big problem to not play games for five to six hours of continuous use. If you do n’t play games, the body wo n’t be hot, and you ’ll be slightly warm when you play games.
  4. Interfaces: From a tablet perspective, the interfaces are rich and mostly practical. Because the host is thin, it is not suitable to match the ordinary USB interface, so a type-c interface is designed on the left side of the host. U disks of this interface are more expensive. Ordinary USB interface equipment cannot be used universally. If you have a type-c and design a type-c, you must buy an adapter to use ordinary USB disks and other equipment. There is a TF card jack on the right side of the fuselage, but it is exposed after inserting the TF card. More importantly, if you do not remove the TF card, it will greatly affect the boot speed; the mini HDMI interface is under the TF card socket; Next is the MINIUSB interface for charging, which is the same size as on an Android phone, but it seems that the data cable of the phone appears loose and can only be charged with the original charger when charging, and the current and voltage of ordinary mobile phone chargers are not enough. , Charging for about three hours will charge about 30%; below the charging port is a 3.5mm headphone jack, no comment. There is a USB 3.0 interface on the right side of the keyboard, which is very convenient.

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5 System and performance: Quad-core processor, 4G memory, 64G hard drive, Master Lu’s evaluation is only over 30,000 points-just for entertainment, don’t take it seriously-the English version of win10 home version is installed at the factory, you can add Chinese language pack, but English is still displayed in some places. Later, the author simply reinstalled the system. As for the installation of the system, this is a more problematic problem, because it only supports the UEFI boot mode. Do n’t expect to use WINPE. Reinstalled the system, in other words, once the system goes wrong, I only have two options, one, press F9 to restore the English system, two, honestly install the official original system, and then slowly and slowly install each Software; WIN10 Home Edition cannot be synchronized with my unit and my home machine. I want to upgrade to the Professional Edition, but I cannot activate it with a lot of keys. I do n’t know what the reason is; I installed OFFICE2007, PHOTOSHOP, adobe Audition and a series of software I use more often turned out to run smoothly, but it feels curious to use it on a small screen! !! !! I finally realized one point: it is a tablet, which can only be used as a mobile office equipment, and can only be used as a temporary emergency device when going out. No matter the performance or the use experience, it cannot be compared with ordinary home notebook computers or even Compare desktops because it’s a tablet! It is a WINDOWS tablet, so do n’t expect to use it to play games. Its function is only for office and web browsing. It is also because it is a WIN10 tablet, which is heavy for office and light for entertainment. Therefore, as a tablet, it gives Your experience is 100% worse than IPAD, and even the average android tablet and mobile phone experience will be much better than this asus t100ha.

  1. The conflict between Bluetooth and WIFI: I want to come up with this point alone, because I ’m really driven crazy by it. Once the Bluetooth mouse starts to use, the WIFI signal is full and the speed is as slow as a snail. Loading a web page allows you to After smoking a cigarette, turn off the Bluetooth device and it’s OK. Therefore, for friends who are about to buy and use this product, I suggest that the WIFI in your home uses 5G signals, but first of all, other products in your home can also use 5G signals.

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  1. Purchasing experience: For the first time on the Internet Haitao, logistics is super slow! It took me more than half a month to arrive! But the price is cheap and the price is very high! In the domestic market, can you buy this tablet with more than 2,100 yuan? Unless you buy cottage goods, unless you buy Taipower Onda Zhongbo Cooler than Rubik’s Cube or the like-I’m not saying that these brands are not good, but I always feel that I have not used these brands, and do n’t worry, ASUS is Experts in motherboards!
    After receiving the goods, I found that the packaging inside was unpacked, I don’t know why. There is also no invoice or receipt, just a box containing a computer, and a computer whose packaging has been unpacked.

Overall evaluation: As a windows10 tablet computer, the office experience is definitely not as good as ordinary laptops and desktops; as a windows10 tablet computer, the entertainment experience is definitely not as good as ipad or apad; as a windows10 tablet computer, it is most suitable for Temporary emergency office on the train, you can also watch a video and listen to music after doing things, in addition to that, you can only tell yourself that this is a Windows 10 tablet! !! !!
The volume and sound quality are very serious. Click on the video volume to increase sharply, and then press “-” to decrease the volume sharply, and the sound quality is very harsh and uncomfortable to listen to. After going to the sales, they said that the foreign sales are not guaranteed, not good. 2 Global Warranty? !! !! !! !! con man! In short, it ’s very bad. I do n’t recommend buying it. In the end, I still bought the iPad, which was idle.

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